Hello Again, I'm Bryan!

Before my experience in design, I created weekly newsletters for a AAPI organization at my university. I absolutely loved designing the newsletters and sometimes enjoyed it even more than my academic studies.

More recently, I worked at a community hospital in San Francisco. As part of the IT team, I spent most of my time assisting different departments by identifying and resolving their issues. My past experiences have led me to a deep interest in UX/UI as a means to help bridge the gap between people and technology.

Now, I strive to design experiences that allow all people to access and use technology at its fullest without any frustrations. If you're interested in chatting, the best way to reach out to me is on LinkedIn.

I'm always in the mood for food.

I love to cook and go out to eat. I am constantly saving places on my Instagram and TikTok hoping that one day I get to try them. I consider going to the grocery store as fun because I get excited discovering new things.

I enjoy reading, manga tho.

I've been reading manga ever since middle school because I hated waiting to find out what happens next in the anime. Friday nights are dedicated to reading all the new releases from One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, and many more.
*Spoiler Images Below*

I also like to explore the world.

I enjoy traveling the world immersing myself in the culture, dreaming to be like Anthony Bourdain. Sadly, plans are slower now, but hopefully I can visit somewhere soon.

Everything else I share on my Instagram.

My personal life happens @bryansphan and my Animal Crossing build @kurasu_island.